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I have gotten around some restrictions where I work by using a different top-domain, for example using instead of and the likes. For email and online dating sites I usually use my phone, it's completely separate from the company network and outside of their control.However for gmail, what you could do is to find a web based e-mail provider that isn't blocked (perhaps easier said than done) and then use imap to connect to your email account.I understand that different proxies have different filtering rules, so please post any tricks or your-way solutions.In summary, you can bypass proxies by different methods.I'm using network, where services such as Gmail or any other e-mails, Google Drive, Dropbox, all social networks are blocked.Basically my goal is to access simply GMail, but I couldn't find any way to do that so was removed as well from other post as well, thanks Ramhound), but I'll have to spend more time on it, in addition I've to setup configuration on the *nix remote machine.It's a very complex topic and there are thousands of methods bypassing the proxy and in very secured networks you'll find maybe only few methods which works, so you have to check all of them first.


It's not an ideal workaround, but still a phone with an email client is still probably your best solution. domain doesn't help me, because whatever I type, everything is redirected to which is blocked, because there is as well URL filtering, so no any tricks with translation services, mobile version, cached version, similar services works.And depending on where you are in the city, perhaps there is an wifi-hotspot in your vicinity and can use that with your phone. I could try using VPN through SSH tunel over HTTPS (ah.


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