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Police began tracking the online prowler after a woman in Bangalore contacted the JP Nagar police and complained that Prateek had victimized her.“She told us that she met Prateek on a social media platform and he wooed her with his fake identity and the two even went on a vacation to Bangkok.Prateek later began blackmailing the woman with their intimate pictures,” a police official said.The police laid a trap for Prateek by asking the woman to lure him to Bangalore by agreeing to pay some of the money he was demanding.Police have claimed to have recovered dozens of private pictures of women whom Prateek is suspected to have been blackmailing.On Wednesday, the Bangalore Police circulated the names of the 169 firms to all Bangalore-based IT firms to ascertain whether any of their recent recruits have furnished work experience certificates from the listed firms.The self-styled secret agent fell flew down from Mumbai and went directly to the complainant’s home where he was picked up by policemen in plain clothes.


Mathur posed as Robin Peter, a UK national, who was on a secret mission to India to attract girls, police said.“He created fake ID cards and passport templates, ” DCP Crime, Abhishek Goyal said.


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    An estimated 7 to 9% of the South African population between the ages of 20 and 79 years have diabetes.

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