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Independence and adrenaline are the two most coveted drugs, and our rich social playground cultivates euphoria and debauchery—in particular after dark. If you’re too drunk to drive because the date sucked, ask your bartender to call two. ” Where I grew up, that question would carry a twinge of suspicion.So it should come as no surprise that scouting a soul mate, or even just a steady, in this hedonistic yet cerebral utopia is as complex as the fickle weather discussed during a bad first date. But after three years in Aspen, I’ve realized it’s rarely taken seriously here. If a biological clock is ticking, I haven’t heard it yet. I’m a tall, blonde, adventurous, educated, creative professional from an adoring East Coast family.As I unzip my boots in the foyer of a stranger’s apartment somewhere by the S-curves, the clock reads a.m.On the heels of a raucous evening spent hopscotching downtown watering holes, my shred buddy/wingman has brought me here, to an after-party.


While off the beaten path geographically, much like Telluride or Crested Butte, our fair city is very much on the radar of the beautiful people.Its inhabitants are also athletic, intelligent, and charismatic, with worldliness to match.


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    See full summary » I just started watching this show-- I finished the 1st 5 episodes tonight.

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    Smart men someone who cantmake me hurt me talk and cum like wired.

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