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When the film finally "wraps" (this week, if the schedule sticks), Peters will have taken over as producer. As we go along, we add things from everyday life—clothes from my closet at home, the grass and booze. Everything we say and do and use has got to be totally organic." Who are the stars? (Left Photo) Rock promoter Bill Graham packaged her Phoenix concert but needed Barbra to soothe the fractious crowd. " Possibly Streisand had nowhere to grow professionally during her three year relationship with Jon.And Streisand will be serving as de facto scorer, costumer and producer, and will get screen credit as executive producer. (Right Photo) Her leading man, Kris Kristofferson, admits he's "scared to death of her—the best description is 'formidable.'" But is Peters over his head as producer? Personally, Peters has given her a free and funky tranquility that she never realized, she says, with just an Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, a special Tony and ex husband Elliott Gould.

Strangehold in question is hairstylist emeritus Jon Peters. And in Bel Air, where the only glamorous coupling these days is Woodward & Bernstein, their relationship isn't called love but tacky.

The life of Streisand and Peters has exceeded even the art of Warren (Shampoo) Beatty.


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