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One of a handful of series that has inspired a radical fanbase to not only campaign for its survival during the three years it aired, but to keep it in the public consciousness decades after its original release, the show remains a cult classic, but has never been able to gather a mass audience.

If you’re not acquainted with the CBS romance/crime show, it was a pre-Disney take on the classic tale of forbidden love, starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman as said lovers separated by society’s prejudices.

Catherine begins as the wealthy and privileged daughter of a highly successful New York lawyer, unsatisfied with her mundane life and frustrated with both her father and fiancé’s suffocating influence.


Catherine becomes a useful agent of the people ‘below’, becoming a district attorney and assisting her new adoptive community whenever she can.probably created an entire genre, so familiar to us today that it’s actually hard to fathom that it once didn’t exist.


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