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According to the outlet, Justin was flaunting Bronte to onlookers in London, ahead of his performance at the V Festival.Fans were already wondering why Sofia hadn’t accompanied her boyfriend on his trip to Europe, but it appears that this is all down to the fact that Richie and Bieber are no longer together.Bieber was said to have been livid when Selena mocked Justin and Sofia’s romance, saying that if the twosome don’t want to be attacked on social media by their fans, they should refrain themselves from posting endless photos of themselves all over Instagram and Twitter.Justin considered it to be quite a dig at him and Sofia, and therefore, wasted no time in replying to Selena, claiming that she only used him for fame and publicity, before continuing by stressing that Gomez allegedly cheated on him with pop star Zayn Malik, a revelation that left fans completely stunned., Sofia and Justin were never really a couple, to begin with.

Justin Bieber’s popularity would definitely come handy in making that happen, a source explains.But whether or not this is actually the case is still unclear.And if it turns out that he’s not, could he really be that reckless to go on and date someone that’s known to be a friend to Sofia?Justin Bieber, as reports, is unbothered by the opinions of others, and this showed when he stepped out holding hands with Bronte, just one week after slamming ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez for slamming his relationship with Sofia.

What’s more, he was also spotted leaving Tape nightclub with the blonde beauty while Sofia Richie was spotted back in Los Angeles looking somber and upset.” As the source mentions, Sofia and Bronte are known to be pals, which makes their outing that much more confusing for fans to comprehend.For Justin and Bronte to a enjoy six-hour spa day together while Sofia is out in Los Angeles by herself has left Bieber’s army of die-hard fans puzzled as to whether or not the singer is actually in a relationship with the 17-year-old or not.


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