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Now, I can vend just on the weekends because I have loyal customers who keep coming back for my authentic soft tamales.And they can expect real Mexican tamales for a long time, because I’m teaching my kids the tricks of the trade so one day they can inherit the business and experience the joy that comes with working hard and making great food for a great city.New York City should be the heart in the land of opportunity, but instead, these caps limit opportunity for thousands every year.In October, legislation that would increase the number of available permits was introduced to the New York City Council’s Committee on Consumer Affairs.

Being a mobile food vendor gives me the best of both worlds: I can provide for my family while being around them.

But a cap enacted in the 1980s limits the number of available food permits so vendors like me who want to earn an honest living simply can’t.

If the Committee votes to lift the caps, thousands of local New York City vendors will finally be able to own and operate their businesses.

You can help me and other mobile food vendors throughout New York City achieve our dreams.

When I first left Mexico and came to America 20 years ago, I never imagined trying to create a good life for my family would be almost impossible—and punishable by law. My name is Guadalupe and I am a wife, mother, and mobile food vendor.I’ve worked jobs ranging from housekeeper to attendant at a dry cleaners.


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    “We feel like aliens—surrounded by youngsters,” one of the group’s members told China’s state newspaper.

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    Evelyn Harper - Mother Frank Harper - Father Harry Luther Gorsky - Ex-Stepfather Don Thomas - Stepfather Luther King - Stepfather Teddy Leopold - Stepfather Marty Pepper - Stepfather Betsy - Ex-Wife Rose - Widow Jenny Harper - Daughter Alan Harper - Brother Unnamed Ex-Stepsister Gloria - Possible Half-Sister Jake Harper - Nephew Louis Schmidt - Adopted Nephew Milly Melnick - Possible Niece Jerry - Cousin Faye - Cousin-in-Law Judith Harper-Melnick - Ex-Sister-in-Law Unnamed Niece-in-Law Unnamed Step-Nieces/Nephews Kandi - Ex-Sister-in-Law Walden Schmidt - Ex-Brother-in-law Mia - Ex-Fiancée Courtney Leopold - Ex-Fiancée Chelsea Melini - Ex-Fiancée Charlie was conceived by Evelyn and Frank Harper, and when Evelyn saw the ultrasound, the doctor said she was having a daughter because there were no signs of male genitalia.

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