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Once the download has finished, the process cannot be cancelled. Ubuntu tries to present the maintance of the operating system in a windows-like way to enable windows users to operate a unix-alike-os. Fetching and installing the upgrade can take several hours.I have been using Ubuntu since Ubuntu 5.04 was released and have never had an upgrade work.I don't install anything outside of the official repos and I use the recommended upgrade methods.The people who do have problems are usually those who enable all sorts of oddball repositories and install unsupported hacks like Automatix.It's disingenuous to tell people that the only way to upgrade Ubuntu is by wiping their hard drive and starting over from scratch, Windows-style.Version 1.0 Author: Falko Timme Today the new Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) has been released. Using a shell is something these users cannot perform.

The last upgrade (Hardy to Intrepid) left me with a mostly unusable system - APT and xorg would no longer work. It wanted to download a couple of thousand packages.Ubuntu is one of the best distros on the planet, in my opinion, but the safest way to upgrade to the next release is to do a fresh install from the latest livecd because there is no way of knowing which system will survive any other way of upgrading. Apparently, it wanted to re-download and re-install everything I had installed, with the exception of some packages it decided to remove.At the very least, the updater should be tried first and if it results in badness, then wipe your disk and start all over.If Ubuntu is based on Debian, can't you just edit your /etc/apt/to comment the third party sources and replace 'hardy' for 'intrepid', and then run "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"?

This download will take about 6 minutes with your connection.

Like an extremely intelligent friend once said with an amused shrug: "really smart people don't talk about how inferior others might seem." I tried this on my old Compaq Presario 1700 laptop and it worked fine. Took about 5 hours over a slow wireless link although some of that was waiting for me to come back and tell it to continue and it even fixed a few minor issues I was having with Hardy I've always upgraded my five Ubuntu machines using the upgrader and never once had a problem.


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