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I'm staying in a good hotel, and need some company - idealy not too young, and ideally busty. [email protected] Bangalore, in the past there used to be Priya lodge near the central station, and also many massage parlours, over time these were stopped by the government, but during my recent trip I saw some adverts in the papers, where then mention massae services for ladies and gents, on enquiry I was told the rate for ladies massage adn gents massage (hinting that ladies massage serivce is available) rates about 1000/- Rs per hour ladies.The ads come in Times (TOI) the place I enquired is called Charisma and Ramya. Have Fun, Nome Dubyaman, You seem to be a very rich guy. 2000 for an hour of FS though she sounded like she was available for negotiation. Happy hunting, Nome Guys, I'm coming to Bangalore on 25.8 and would be very happy if someone could send me some contacts I could use...Due to the heavy LE activity, even the contacts are skimmish in showing you the girls.Vink Originally posted by Dubyaman Has anyone tried out the Times of India classifieds in bangalore? I am going to be in Bangalore for 3 nights and would really really like to try out one of these babes from bangalore. Only a couple of ads responded that FS from a female massuese is available. Ramya- This wise guy definetily overcharges for the kinda girls he has. Service was OK but she was kinda fat :( Asha - 2K for full service . I am looking for Model quality or foriegner girls around here. Please send me details [Email address deleted by Admin] Anyone else, who can share info. Thanks in advance George EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove email addresses in the text. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Hello, Guys has anyone had any luck from the Charisma Place in the TOI ads? She wanted me to pay the money upfront which I did. was able to negotiate for rs500 instead of the 1200 they quote. The waiter told to directly ask from a girl to meet you.


i tried to find them in the TOI as you indicated but they werent there those few issues I looked... many of them said they would send over a guy and it would be full service.. I did find some independent contacts who can arrange a girl for you. Have also tried some of the newspaper listed massage parlors. In any case dont have any lead on independent service providers, however know of several in Chennai and Delhi if you are interested in swapping those for the ones you have in Bangalore. Hi Nome, Could you please share the contact numbers with me. She claimed it was her friend's house and she was working as a staff nurse in a near by hospital. Went to Bombay Dreams, one or two nice girls there, but was not able to find out if you really can meet the girls in private. Went to Brigade Gardens for three times, really nice gals there!Im back in B'lore again soon and will try them out and let you know if its the real deal. LOL I dont swing that way but it does show that gay india is alive and well. Had a few 17yo cuties who were visiting bangalore from outta town. But the next time the same guy gave me a pathetic gal. Can trade my contacts if you share genuine contacts. I would very much like to try the resources in Bangalore. Had also tried some one from TOI classified who claims to provide Shenaz beauty treatments etc.. Again Old lady, oil massage and a HJ finish for 2K. I paid the auto fare and she walked me through to the bed room. The scene is that girls dance there, clothes on, and you give 50' or 100' to them and they keep dancing.I guess its saftey from Law Enforcement who of late are clamping down on this. But when you talk on the phone they say the rates are RS 1K - RS 3K.. So r u a regular monger/punter and where r ur haunts? He called me again after a few hours - this time he took me to a house where the girl I got was stunning - the place was not clean but I had a great time. We both undressed and she took a condomn out from her hand bag and slid it on my hard tool. Heard same thing from a few guys I was talking to at same place....Ciao Tried this guy by the name of SONU from the Times of India - first he brought lousy women to my room - straight out of some dirty red light area - asking price Rs 10 K. ML twice, BJ twice and a full body rub once - all for Rs 5000. She even lifted my balls and checked if I had any infection! She applied some kind of an oil in her **** and started caressing my naked body. I could not take it more than 15 minutes and performed the full service in doggy style. She does not rush and works out more economical too. So, lots of beautiful girls can be seen here, but have not been able to find any beautiful ones for private pleasure. Once you have been with one they get comfortable in coming over to your hotel...

I met the mama san and realised that I was overpaying. All, Any of the massage classified that assure massage service for ladies and gents offer full service. Sri50Hi Guys, Another massage classified report- Amrutha - Located in Indira Nagar. If anyone has any suggestions, please email me at [email protected], I've still got that week to go. quality is as good and sometimes slightly better than the clubs you mentioned.COBHey Crazy Butts As we exchanged in the few emails... Happy hunting Hi, The scene here is pretty bad if you don't have any contacts.


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