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To find out more about an author: Google the author's name or dig deeper in the library's biographical source databases.To find scholarly sources: When searching library article databases, look for a checkbox to narrow your results to The internet is a great place to find both scholarly and popular sources, but it's especially important to ask questions about authorship and publication when you're evaluating online resources.Tracing the development and growth of cities and towns has been a popular study in recent years.Fortunately for the researcher on such a quest, the cartographic collections of the Library of Congress contain thousands of maps and atlases of urban areas, dating from as far back as the sixteenth century up to the present.Sanborn maps are thus an unrivaled source of information about the structure and use of buildings in American cities.




Of particular note among the Library's holdings is an extensive collection of maps of American cities and towns, giving detailed, accurate information about their buildings and other structures.

The Sanborn Map Company of Pelham, New York, produced many such maps.


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