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Brad ended up picking me up and taking me to a very nice dinner.

"Fail Fast, Fail Often," is a phrase mentioned quite often within the San Francisco startup scene.

Basically, when you have a startup, it's sometimes best to "fail quickly and often" before actually succeeding.

The very next day, I got a text message from Brad asking if I had dinner plans.

Turns out, I didn't, and I told him that I was free.

We ended up meeting at a convenient location of my choice, yet he was 20 minutes late.

When he finally did arrive, he claimed that he got into the "wrong Uber" -- yeah, right, I mean is that even possible?


" In order to answer this question, I will start off by describing a recent "good date" I had: I met a great guy at a networking event once. Right before I was about to leave, Brad approached me and struck up a conversation.

We ended up chatting for about 20 minutes before Brad got up the courage to ask for my phone number (way to go, Brad).


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