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Nevertheless, from its first printing people have wondered where the events recorded actually took place.That it is well for us to obtain knowledge of all worthwhile information has been told to us by the Lord Himself.This is the premise of the present authors as we see ample evidence for this belief. Discussing the animals mentioned in the Book of Mormon requires touching on a variety of disciplines and subdisciplines.These include archaeology, geography, biology, paleontology (including extinctions), geology, taphonomy, zoogeography and others. Certainly the testimony and doctrine of Jesus Christ is the paramount reason for us having the Book of Mormon.The present article will show that the animals mentioned as well as others were native to North America and in all likelihood survived (at least in small numbers) into recent historical times.Most LDS scholars, recently reporting on the subject, believe that the lands occupied by Book of Mormon peoples were within what is now known as Mesoamerica.


Even the most informed experts of his day would not have known much about the archaeological or other scientific details given in this Book. first began translating the gold plates, he had but a smattering of formal education.Providing another witness of Jesus Christ is the primary purpose of the Book of Mormon.His teachings are the central reason for this sacred Book.“Teach ye diligently,” He said, “and my grace will attend you, that you may be instructed more perfectly in theory, in principle, in doctrine, in the law of the gospel, in [emphasis added] things that pertain unto the kingdom of God ….

Within the Book of Mormon itself evidences are provided which attest to its truthfulness.

This includes some of the animals mentioned as well as plants, materials (raw and manufactured), culture(s), words used and more.


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