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If you go on vacation and hire a petsitter to take care of your fur babies, a nanny cam lets you see how well your pets are treated while you're away.If you have an elderly parent at home who requires visits from a caregiver, a nanny cam can show you what goes on when you're gone.Hidden cameras, or spy cameras, can act as another set of eyes so you can be sure that your child and home are in trusted hands.These nanny spy cameras are often disguised as stuffed animals, alarm clocks and smoke detectors, with many more creative costumes.The best nanny cams come with useful features, a variety of recording options, a wide field of view and high resolution so you can easily see whether your nanny or babysitter is doing his or her job properly.Nanny cameras can serve more than one purpose in your home.


Home security systems and wireless home surveillance systems are other ways to keep an eye on any activity in or around your house when you're not there.

These systems have monthly fees, though, and often require professional installation.

A hidden nanny cam is an inexpensive alternative to a security camera for when a maintenance crew or housekeeper makes a visit to your home when you're not at home, but you need more than one nanny cam to view every room of your house.

Some are even small enough to double as a car camera, but there are also specific cameras designed as dash cams.

A quick search of news stories for child abuse by nannies brings up a harrowing number of documented cases.It can be hard to trust a stranger to care for your children while you're away at work or running errands, but if you must leave your baby with a nanny or a babysitter, there is an excellent way to protect what is most precious to you: a nanny cam.


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