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Do you think the two of them will continue to have friction in their hunt?

She hasn't had to think about the crap that they've gone through and nobody's had to dive into what she could possibly be doing.

And as soon as Emma comes back, suddenly everything's back and she has to start hiding things again.


BUT there's a new killer on the loose and, once again, everyone's a suspect.Audrey's definitely higher up on the list of possible psycho killers than anyone else, since viewers learned that she and Piper--the murderer in season one--had exchanged letters leading up to the show's first round of gruesome deaths.The fun part is to figure out whether or not that darkness is murderous or otherwise.Audrey's been back and forth on if she should help Noah in finding out who the killer is.


season two set, where she discussed Audrey's connection to Piper, her possible new friendship with Brooke and how the cast handles a character's death.

Enstars: Where is Audrey at this season compared to last?


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