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I also want to thank Daren Fawkes, of Melbourne, who invested a significant effort in proof reading, correcting and improving what I have written.

Those interested in the mountaineering literature are referred to Neate's, Another good bibliographic source is Baume's Sivalaya, which chronicles the history of the fourteen 8,000 metre peaks in the Himalaya, with an extensive bibliography.

I am attempting to construct cross-links among entries in the various pages such that, for example, clicking on a name in the time-line will take you to the biographical note in the Dramatis Personae, and clicking on a reference title on that page will take you to the appropriate bibliographic reference on this page. Finally, note that I also have a page that parallels this one, dealing with my collection of books on the fur trade in Canada, the exploration of Canada, and the Canoe.

All of this is a work in progress, and should be considered "open source".

As its name suggests, this page is a directory to the main characters who played roles in the history covered in my book collection.

In order to keep it manageable, this "dramatis personae" covers only those active prior to the first Everest expedition, which took place in 1921.


The following has grown out of my fascination with books on history, exploration, and mountaineering - with an emphasis on the the central Asian regions bordering the Himalaya.This page has three main parts: Besides simply helping me organize my own thoughts, my hope is that this document will be of interest and a guide to others who share my passion for the topics covered. The first is, The Greater Himalaya, Karakoram, Pamirs, Hindu-Kush, Tibet & High Tartary: Dramatis Personae.


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