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After the merger with the Golden Group network, more or less Twickerz started to carry out the same scamming tactics of Goldenclix, suspending big investors and other users without a valid reason and implemented censorship on the forum.

As the Twickerz’ admin said in the forum announcement about the merger with Golden Group – ““, since you share similar vision with 5 other scam sites, under the circumstances it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you are not much different than those sites.

Those sites are selective paying scams which are known for suspending users without a valid reason, for speaking freely on the forums or for asking about their pending payments.

For more details, you can read the Goldenclix review.

Moved from the Legit list to the Not Recommended list.

First of all, as some of you are already aware, few months ago Twickerz partnered with the Golden Group network which consist of scam sites such as Goldenclix, Silver Clix, Adzpot, Clixdo and Balkanikaclix (gone, improperly closed).

Steve Ellis first began singing in a band at the age of 15.

The band were called Soul Survivors, initially gate crashing weddings, youth clubs and barmitzva`s in north London on the pretence that they were booked to perform.

That means Twickerz is connected to other scam sites and literally Twickerz is supporting those sites to continue scamming.We feel Twickerz is no longer a safe place to earn money, they merged with and support other scam sites, more or less they behave the same way as those scam sites and therefore we are moving them to the Not Recommended list.We should have done that in the first place when the merged with Golden Group, anyway we are doing it now. When the band improved substantially they began to play venues such as The Marquee, The Flamingo, Tiles and Mod clubs in Brighton, Clacton and Soul clubs in Manchester, Stoke etc.


Secondly, the site became another Goldenclix under the disguise of Twickerz.

Goldenclix and the other sites from their network have proven to be unreliable and not a safe place to earn money online.


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