Biker dating in hudson valley ny

Be forewarned, you must have a silly side to fully appreciate us.......:-) IMPORTANT: New people: Your RSVP is very important to me.We will also occasionally enjoy indoor activities (mainly during the winter), dinners, bowling, let's see what else we can do together!!This group is open to all single people, dating people (see note below), and happy dogs of such people. This group is not for people in committed relationships or married people. Please send me your cell number, I'll return with mine. We are a four-season group focusing on outdoor events in a relaxed setting, a group that is welcoming and warm. HIKING, walking, biking, snow sports, all sorts of things :-) !!If you cannot make an event that you have signed up for, you MUST change your RSVP or you will be deleted from the group if you are a no-show 3 times.

If you are looking for a dating site this is not it.Many wonderful friendships have grown over time among our members.Many of our activities are focusing on HIKING right now, but there are other things to have fun with!!!!If you meet someone in the group that is different. Please bring your sense of adventure to participate. For friends with kayaks, check out my other group, Newburgh Area Kayakers.

Outdoor adventurers need to be prepared for fun and great company!I'm really looking forward to getting outdoors as much as possible, and have lots of cool outdoor things to do.


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    I could have set it in any place where people are desperate, greedy. We're calling them the Fauxscars, and we're hoping that the phrase "Fauxscar Bait" catches.

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