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If you’ve talked to founding Lyft drivers or OG Uber drivers, you know that companies have a lot to spend in the beginning and they’re not really worried about profitability, so that’s why you see big sign-up bonuses, guaranteed pay, etc.

I actually signed up for Door Dash a couple weeks ago and the process was pretty easy.

I signed up in Orange County since Long Beach is part of Door Dash Orange County (technically LB is part of Los Angeles).

My application hit a small snafu with the background check though.

I still go out and make decent money, but it’s about in line with what you’d expect an Uber driver to make.


I learned a lot from the entire experience though, and one of the big takeaways for me was that a lot of these companies provide the best opportunity when they’re just getting started.Normally, background checks take a few days to process but since I hadn’t heard from Door Dash in a few days, I sent an e-mail to [email protected], and they told me that I failed the background check.


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