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While we are here, there are still three bodies trapped underground in Lily Mine, Barberton, while the mine’s management goes about trying to find money to continue operations again.

While we are here, Tshwane continues to burn and our own state media casually and confidently states that nothing is burning.

What does it mean to be differentiated and distinguished into this elite group and on what basis does this selection begin to have meaning?

Besides being an obvious nice addition to the honours and awards section of your Linked In profile, I think there is potentially a great social good to be derived from this.

, I had to think really deeply about what this platform and this opportunity actually means.


While we are here, several students have been suspended from their university campuses for calling for a free, decolonised education (which was promised in 1994 by the way) and these students have few options available to them.

I do not say this to take away from the importance of this moment, but part of this decolonial agenda that myself and others of similar conviction have come to appreciate is the inherent contradiction in every moment that elevates an individual or individuals above others.

In practice, that means that we recognise important things about this moment.

Firstly, we must acknowledge the privilege we have to gather on a Thursday night at a nice conference venue with nice food and wine while we are surrounded by a sea of poverty.

puts out its list of the top 200 young South Africans, the rest of South Africa actually listens.

Such moments and such events for me are extremely valuable and extremely important for the showcasing of some of the talent that we have in this country. It extends to my very firm belief that in this time where the nation-building project is being contested every day, it is imperative that we use every opportunity and every platform afforded to us to take this country and ultimately our continent closer and closer to where we want to be.


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