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Laura-style radio show and convinces his Dad to talk about how much he misses his wife.There’s an ongoing debate about whether one of the Meg Ryan masterpieces, Sleepless in Seattle, is a romantic trifle or a horror film about a sunny stalker. The premise of the movie is that Tom Hanks’ wife dies – not his actual wife, Rita Wilson, who is in the movie (which is really confusing for me), but some flashback wife with short hair – and he is very lost and sad and alone with their son on a houseboat.On Christmas Eve, Tom’s son (again, not his real son, Chet Haze), calls into a Dr.


And as for Bill Pullman, it’ll be interesting to see what role his character occupies, since unless the U. of Independence Day has abolished term limits, he probably isn’t still President. The first Independence Day sequel is slated for release on July 3, 2015, which would put it up against a daunting potential summer lineup including Star Wars: Episode VII, The Avengers 2, and possibly a Justice League movie as well. She’s one of those things that separate some of us from the rest of us, like practicing Methodism, not eating meat, or being deluded enough to think that never having seen Titanic somehow makes us special. I appreciate her body of work, especially the rom-coms, and find her to be an interesting celebrity to keep track of. Like Meg Ryan, Sleepless in Seattle is different things to different people: the gold standard of ‘90s rom-coms to some, a cautionary tale about obsession and parental neglect to others, and everything in between.Glad he defends his girlfriend but everyone does know he plays for pay with guys right? Read More Nov 9, 2016Enty This soon to be out of a cable tv show actor is closeted. He has about four different gay online profiles he uses to find one night stands. If you make an Independence Day sequel nearly 20 years later and Will Smith is too expensive, will anybody show up to buy a ticket?

That great mystery of life will be put to the test assuming Independence Day 2 ever actually gets made.

Producer Roland Emmerich has been talking about making an ID4 sequel for damn near two decades at this point, but it seems to have gained some small measure of momentum lately. ) news while making the press rounds for White House Down, but he also told that he hopes to lure Smith back for at least a cameo.


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