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With around 15 per cent of precincts reporting, Mr Rubio, who spent part of his childhood in Nevada, was running a distant second in the Silver State, at approximately 24 per cent of the vote to Mr Trump’s 45.The result comes a week before 1 March, known as Super Tuesday, when Mr Trump is expected to secure several more states, propelling him ever closer to the nomination.In a gleeful speech to supporters in Las Vegas, Mr Trump noted that pundits had originally predicted that he would not win in Nevada.“Now we’re winning, winning, winning the country – and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning,” he said, adding: “You’re going to be proud of your President, and you’re going to be even prouder of your country.” Last night’s was just the third caucus the Nevada GOP had hosted since the process was introduced to the state in 2008, and the party appeared underprepared for the large turn-out, which led to long queues at many caucus sites, as well as ballot shortages and claims that some voters’ IDs had not been properly checked.“I don’t want us just to be one of the many; I want America to remain a leader in the world,” he said.In an interview on Monday, Mr Cruz joined Mr Trump in vowing, as President, to round up and forcibly deport America’s 12 million undocumented immigrants.Mr Dondon, who was born in the Philippines and spent 30 years in the US Navy, said he agreed with Mr Trump’s hard-line stance on immigration.“Cruz lies more than any human being I’ve ever dealt with,” Mr Trump said at a rally in Las Vegas on Monday.



Nevada’s mixed electorate gave the candidates their first opportunity to reach out to the Latino voters that many believe are crucial to the Republicans regaining the White House.Mr Rubio’s parents and Mr Cruz’s father are Cuban, yet entrance polls suggested that of the Latinos who took part in the caucus – around nine per cent of total voters – significantly more had voted for Mr Trump than for his rivals. “I’m really happy about that.” Rolando Dondon, 66, one of precious few non-white voters lining up to caucus at Bonanza high school in Las Vegas, said he had supported Jeb Bush until the former Florida Governor dropped out of the race this week, but now believed Trump was the “strong male role model” the US needed.


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    He also has put his creativity to use in other ways, including a 2010 exhibition of his photography and a book detailing his collection of Beatles memorabilia.

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    Die folgenden Seiten können Text-, Bild- und/oder Ton-Material mit erotischem Inhalt haben.

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    Set in Detroit, the series stars Martin Lawrence in the role of Martin Payne, a disc jockey with a girlfriend named Gina Waters.

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