Bipasha basu and cristiano ronaldo dating

According to British tabloids, Ronaldo is dating Spanish TV reporter Lucia Villalon.The two were photographed together over the weekend when the soccer star was awarded his third Ballon d'Or Trophy.If Ronaldo were smart, he'd take a break from his new Spanish TV announcer girlfriend and hit up Kacey Mc Donnell.The former Fox 29 in Philly traffic reporter had been dating Chiefs backup quarterback Aaron Murray, but that relationship is now over.Personally, I think it's impossible to top Irina and this is a downgrade, but that's just my opinion.While you decide, check out these rare photos of Cristiano Ronaldo.Love these NBA logos mashed up with classic video games ...


Bill Belichick has an unspoken goal with every press conference: Say as little as humanly possible.

With that in mind, we created this fun 14-question quiz to see how well you know the Patriots coach. In a related note, I think Spygate was nothing more than an honest misunderstanding of the NFL's videotaping protocol.


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