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The probe is the latest setback to hit MTN in Nigeria.“MTNN is a Nigerian company and is proud to be conducting business in Nigeria.


To anyone supporting the HPCSA, go to wwwthoughtleader and read the article written by Gavin Foster on Dr Ferdinandus Booysens, (vs Tim Noakes)a criminal doctor who sodomised boys, and did all other things, yet is allowed, by them, to work in a state hospital in Bloemfontein.Then you'll realise that the HPCSA likes to play god, and will fight any decision which might make them the lesser gods in our country.Moolman also exonerated Nigeria’s Trade and Investment Minister Okechukwu Elenemah from the alleged capital flight.“We would like to state that Dr Elenemah has never been a director or shareholder of MTNN,” he said, adding that the minister had not connived with the company to move funds out of Nigeria.

Moolman said all monies repatriated by the company were in respect of dividend payments and capital divestment originating from legitimate foreign direct investment.

“The dividend payments were made to shareholders who imported foreign capital for investment in MTNN,” he said.


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