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Strength-Coordination – Our group offers heavy duty, all terrain pedal Go-Carts for older children to build their strength, endurance and coordination.Anonymous asked: Im a black male, the oldest of 5 sisters. My family has a number of interracial marriages and its the females marrying white men.I had some friends come and asked me "doesnt that bother you"?The small units can be used both inside and outside, including within the shaded backyard arena.Skill-Coordination – Ball games which develop eye coordination with hands and feet can be played safely in our shaded, fully enclosed, backyard activity area.



I tell them, "Hell No", Im proud to come from a family that has no racial hangups.

Children with various forms of autism and other special needs grow stronger, healthier, and happier when they can engage regularly in active exercise, such as jumping on a kids trampoline.


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