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So I’ve made some progress on my previous list of objectives.

Defines base items, such as "Weapon - Longsword", used in the item editor.

(aoe count=1) setup: La XXws of Valor, Akara Xts Cham Xpion, Provo XXke, Shie Xld Glare, Heav XXens Fury(shotgun), Conde XXmn were there any monk fixes in this last update or are you still working on the monk Build SWK Problem is that some times it works and other times the bot will run in and stand in a pack of mobs and die or other times the monk will run it attack and then run away, those were the biggest problems DH seems to be moving alot better, great work Anyone know the optimal Soul Harvest WD trinity settings?

I use to run a WD pet build but the settings currently setup, but have never setup a WD using the soul harvest build.

but i see no CD for Law X of XXValor //edit using Demonbuddy BETA 1.1.2169.492 and Quest Tools 3.0.5 //edit2 trinity still dont use co XXndemn (vacuum) on rift XXboss.

Demon Hunter Spam Preperation checkbox will now work again Converted all shrines to use SNOActor enum equvilent (should fix Empowered, Fleeting) Added goblin SNO Added option to cast Companion off cooldown Lightning DH should now avoid elites when Preparation is on cooldown Changed default DH kite mode to Always Legendary minimap marker and associated items will not be added to cache if bags are full or ready to townrun DH Wolf Companion will now be cast when off cooldown and elites are present Added more missing SNOs Some improvements for Lightning DH combat logic Fixed pet count Increased Goblin Kill Range when priority is Kamikaze Added several missings SNOs Fixed keystones not being stashed when 'Keep in Backpack' was unchecked Added option to spam Laws Of Valor under Combat-Crusader Fixed small casting delay for DH Preparation and Smoke Screen Tweaked Smoke Screen logic some more Bot will no longer stand next to a legendary item and not pick it up Fixed Cache Object Common Data Re-added Common Data checks into Target Util functions Witch Doctor Soul Harvest works as expected again DH Smoke Screen should be more reliable in combat now Wizard Slow Time will now be spammed if Gesture of Orpheus is equipped Fixed Chakram being cast in a random direction when Spines of Seething Hatred are equipped Fixed Gem Quality cast Crusader Combat will now check for Frydehr's Wrath before trying to cast Condemn Crusader Slash and Heavens Fury should be cast correctly now when Frydehr's Wrath is equipped Trinity should now save Discipline to cast Smokescreen when Marked For Death is being used 'Kamikaze' priority for goblins should now ignore all other enemies when a goblin is found ** Fixed If/While tags being stuck - should fix Rift Bot getting stuck talking to Orek - Simplified Enhanced If Tag and Enhanced While Tag Full changelog visible here: https:// SVN Trinity: Quest Tools: Bug Report form: ------------------------ What's the problem?

LOGS: ------------------------ When troubleshooting a problem that re-occurs, Please enable these logs (in Trinity thank you for your good work!!!

The blogroll has been updated (side note: it’s unfortunate to see how many wow bloggers haven’t kept up with their blogs).

I’ve gone through quite a few of the comments but i’ll need to get Shelbi to answer most of them that were directed at her.There were quite a few comments on the Wowhead powered Item Stats for Word Press article.


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