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Who decided that locking the screen in portrait orientation was more important than turning off the cellular radios when it's time to take off?At least until airlines do the right thing and let you leave your phone on, Black Berry should add an airplane mode shortcut to the drop-down.

Instead, I get an invitation to look up the person, which just wastes time.I also love the new flick keyboard, even if the pop-up suggestions can be distracting.As with any new platform, though, there's bound to be kinks.This worked when “Jetpack Joyride” was paused but not while the game was running.

More: How to Put Your Black Berry 10 Phone in Airplane Mode Black Berry 10 devices don't have a Home button because you can swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to close apps.

When you're using an app in landscape mode, such as “Angry Birds Space,” you're supposed to swipe up from the long edge of the device. Black Berry should also let you swipe up in portrait mode to close any app at any time, regardless of its orientation.


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