Blakely and tony dating cherry blossoms dating promo code


Then Rachel points out that he's currently in a long-distance girlfriend in Chicago. Chris: Michael was interested in Rachel since there were no other options on the show.

Next-door neighbors would have been too long distance for that relationship.


Blakeley ("Cougar") and Tony ("Slug") are moving in together next week and OH LOOK HE JUST PROPOSED.We don't all need to be friends Sarah: Rachel feels bad for choosing Sarah ("Praying Mantis") and Chris ("Lt.Dan") to go to the finale over Jaclyn ("Muppet") and Ed ("Adam Corolla").Chris: Lindzi must have been eating a lot of carrots cause she's awfully orange.

I hope the lumber business is booming in Portland because I don't think Blakeley's business will do well in that hipster haven.

Chris: Jamie ("Gloves") went from Michael Jackson attire on the show to Ke$ha rags on the reunion.


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