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This leads to him soiling himself in his final exam, and after sitting it several hours late, he goes to the pub and intoxicates himself, compensating for the fact that he has probably failed his Politics AS level.He is seen to be interested in Charlotte "Big Jugs" Hinchcliffe, and the two of them have been known to spend time together, with Will usually accidentally ruining their relationship.The group warm to him after several efforts to win their friendship – including successfully buying alcohol and almost having sex with the school's most attractive girl.



However, a mix-up with applications sends Neil to the newspaper (instead of "driving aeroplanes") and Will spends his placement at a garage, where he ultimately fails to fit in and gets picked on by the staff working there.At the end of the second series, when the boys face exams, Will began to crack under pressure and relies on energy drinks to keep him going.He nearly lost his virginity to Charlotte after telling her in school a few days before that he had had numerous lovers, although when they did attempt to have sex, Charlotte was let down by Will's unsuccessful attempt; in his own words "rubbing up against the perineum".In series 3, Will is convinced into going on a double date with Simon, Tara, and Tara's friend, Kerry (or "Big" Kerry according to Will).

Will moves from a public school to a local sixth form comprehensive school because his mother, Polly, can no longer afford the public school fees.On moving to the new school, Simon, Neil and Jay reluctantly become Will's friends after initially trying to avoid him.


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