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I take it personally, like it’s me, and have had a psychic tell me it’s because I […] Read more The arrival of November marks the start of the holiday season. Will I ever see my blue […] Read more Would you rather be with a handsome man or an altruistic man?

It’s also the time when singles like to complain about how terrible it is to be unattached during these weeks of holiday cheer. A British study recently published in Evolutionary Psychology examined how much a man’s level of altruism influences his attractiveness to women.

Yet there are other benefits of online dating that we tend to overlook, such as helping you become a better human being.

Okay, I know that taking stock of your personal growth provides little comfort when you were hoping for a second […] Read more Dating situations are tricky, in part, because they sometimes require you to say no or reject someone when you have no interest in hurting anyone’s feelings or looking like a bad person.

Yes, a handful of men and women are drawn to depressive or antisocial types, but the majority of people are looking for someone with whom they […] Read more Dear Sara: I am a 29-year-old single male with social awkwardness, and I’m depressed because I’m getting nowhere with women.

Men and women are attracted to happy people because they believe that they will feel better if they are around that type of person.

I disagree—there are plenty of people in loving relationships who have never mastered the art of being completely fulfilled as a single person.

But the ability to find lasting happiness, regardless of life circumstances, is still […] Read more For most people, the main goal of online dating is finding romantic love.

The good news is that there are ways you can say no that still manage to show respect and kindness.

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