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“Kroll Show” may have started out as a chaotic sketch show about several vaguely related reality shows and infomercials, but Nick Kroll’s Comedy Central series evolved over two seasons into a relentlessly paced and caustically funny character-based satire of the modern entertainment industry. But if you haven’t tuned in religiously you may find yourself a little bit confused when “Kroll Show’s” third and final season premieres on Jan. There are a lot of characters to keep track of, and their paths cross often and in many different ways. Their long and winding journey begins with a simple job: Pirate Girl Rum presents a Rockin’ Beach Bash to Benefit Cupcakes for Canine Cancer.

What’s the relationship between Bobby Bottleservice’s friend Farley and Dr. Naturally this leads to Pretty Liz (played by the sensational Jenny Slate) getting plastic surgery for her trash dog, Brad — also marking the very first appearance of Dr.

Keep reading and find out the answers to these questions and everything else you’ll need to know before “Kroll Show” Season 3 premieres. Their fake reality show, “Pub Lizity,” is one of Kroll’s funniest bits, and it’s no surprise that they’ve been around since the beginning.


After an unsurprisingly awkward start in Season 1’s penultimate episode on a dating show set on an ice skating rink (appropriately called “Ice Dating”), it’s revealed in Season 2 that their union was more than successful — and that C-Czar fully knocked her up.

Cue Beefy Liz’s jealousy, plus C-Czar’s new reality show: “Dad Academy.”Dr.

Ruled innocent on a technicality (to the delight of his attorney, the delightful Ron Funches), Armond moves back in with his taxidermist dad for “House of Armond,” then finishes Season 2 on a cop show — “Two Much Love” — as he and the detective who had been investigating Shannon’s murder try to get to the bottom of her death.

The lovable 17-year-old toilet baby C-Czar gets his start on a Dr.

Armond, whose own story eventually heads to some very weird places.It’s the end of Season 1 when Pretty Liz has her fateful first encounter with C-Czar.


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