Bow dating who wow

According to multiple sources, 28-year-old Moss and 34-year-old Cole may be dating, and the evidence is on Twitter.The rapper-turned-actor ignited the rumor after posting a photo of himself on Twitter, which he captioned “head rubs are the best.” Although the face of the mystery woman was hidden, social media users and fans of the rumored couple were quick to guess that it was none other than Keisha Cole, since there have been reports that the two have been growing closer to each other in the past few days.In one of his tweets, he said he does not have “time for the love stuff,” although his Twitter photo hinted a new romance.Moss deleted the post on Sunday, and Cole’s Twitter account was taken down as well.He also told gossip sites to stop “fishing” for information, stating, “Yall gots to stop fishing… ” an irate Moss tweeted in an attempt to shut down the rumors. Shad “Bow Wow” Moss dating Keyshia Cole is not impossible, as both of them are currently not involved in any relationship.Yall news be far off.” When another Twitter user asked if he and Cole are already a couple, Moss advised not to believe everything they read or hear. The rapper-actor, who is currently a part of the cast of On the other hand, Cole and her estranged husband, former NBA star Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, had also ended their relationship just recently. Cole has yet to give a statement regarding the dating rumors.However, Cole, who recently split from her former husband, is being careful as she is still legally married. After learning of the circulating rumor, Shad “Bow Wow” Moss responded to his fans who have been bugging him about the dating rumor.

Popular gossip site the fueled the rumors by confirming that the two are indeed dating, and “a very close and trustworthy source spilled the tea.” The site added that the Shad “Bow Wow” Moss and Keyshia Cole have known each other for a very long time and just “recently reconnected on a different level when they crossed paths at a club.” The source added that the rumored couple is taking things slow.

Moss is reportedly head over heels in love with the R&B diva.


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