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We watched them, Scott Williams and I sipped the California no-sulfite Coturri merlot at the front table next to the alley.(Magdiale has a hope that this alley can become a pedestrian walkway.) Raen was wearing her dad's red hardhat and clear goggles.Goodale Park, the southwest quadrant, was the site.A beach-scene palm-tree umbrella presided over the croquet-watchers. The downtown landscape with its black windows looked blindly on. An unfinished parking garage showed air through its sides. No secrets were to be divulged to a scribbling reporter.Fortunately, no one seemed to need me to play croquet. Paris the poodle chewed on the back of Maggie the golden retriever. Helicopters buzzed over head for a true urban statement. The strong gaze, the mother's smile, the focus on the children.The Dragonfly rationale (see title) is educational, interactive, organic. The perpetrators, Magdiale Wolmark and Cristin Austin, defend their vision and dedication whenever provoked. The children, girls, played in the dirt filling the large white concrete pillars in front of the restaurant.

Friendly folks from Short North establishments have been holding it for years.

The immediate surroundings were more colorful and fluid. Tony La Rosa was on the defending championship team.

Mexican blankets reflected bold patterns in the sun. The only humor was in the team names: Croq Au Vin, Mike's Bar, The Celts, Ball Busters. Roberto, of vinyl-decorated Doo Dah truck fame, had a homemade custom mallet. The Grand Trophy had a little orange birdhouse supported by colored balls, supported by four shiny mallets, all based on a square of astroturf.

I heard much complaining about the lush clover cloying the balls' trajectories."Where are the horse-doovers?

" The cry went up as hot donuts in a plastic bag were the only foodstuffs. Jim kept track with a Sharpie pen, Deb took copious fotos, Bill Finzle wore a hat with antlers and carried two trash/recycle bins around. Deb: "My dog barks like a monkey squeak." Sunscreen was applied liberally to white skin.The dirt was moved by small hands in cups and glasses, elaborate castling configurations. (I checked.) Further up the patio, guests who were wine-tasting did not see the intense goings-on.


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