Brett michaels and jess still dating

Sources tell The Post’s Melissa Jane Kronfeld that Michaels was informed by the pink-haired punk rocker over the phone that she had taken up with a Chicago clothing designer upon returning home to the windy city.VH1 has renewed “Rock of Love” for a second season, but has not announced if Michaels will be its heartthrob.On the reunion special, Jes, being the winner, was the last to come out on stage, although her demeanor towards Michaels wasn't as loving as viewers expected it to be.After giving the Poison frontman a peck on the cheek, she berated him for not treating runner-up Heather Chadwell properly and even said that he had made the wrong choice and should have instead gone with Heather.In fact, Jes’s My Space page does indicate she is “In a Relationship.” It also seems to have quite a bit of promotion for Chii Clothing, which I’m going to guess is her boyfriend’s line.I also found this on Heather’s blog, regarding the finale, and found it interesting: AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST—I ABSOLUTELY, 100% DID NOT SAY I WOULD SHARE HIM. THAT WAS EDITED AND I AM SOOOO APPALLED BY THAT–AS IF THE STIPPER THING WASNT ENOUGH, (WHICH I QUIT DOING MONTHS AGO)–OR PRETTY MUCH NEVER SHOWING ONE BAD THING ABOUT JESS, I GOT RAN THROUGH THE COALS AND HEARTBROKEN ONCE AGAIN. "I still love her," Michaels told PEOPLE on his luxury tour bus Tuesday ...


In fact, “Rock of Love” star Brett Michaels never even got started with the “girlfriend” he selected last season, Jes Rickleff.'s Bret Michaels and Jes Rickleff have gone their separate ways.According to the tabloid, Jes, a licensed cosmetologist from Illinois, ended her relationship with Michaels over the phone, saying she had become involved with a Chicago clothing designer upon returning home to the Windy City. Last night I got momentarily obsessed with finding out if Bret Michaels was still dating Rock of Love winner Jes Rickleff.


I spent like an hour searching through everyone’s My Space pages to find out.

Then there's the fact that producers have begun casting for the second season of last week, the 32-year-old former stripper revealed she was relocating to Los Angeles in order to shack up with some of her old castmates from the VH1 reality dating competition."I'm moving to LA as soon as my house [in Las Vegas] sells," Heather told the last Thursday, adding the new four-bedroom house will also serve as a home to and .


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