Brett michaels dating taya

From Daisy de la Hoya to Rodeo to Heather Chadwell, we were on a mission to find out what all our favorite Rock of Love contestants lives looked like now.Check them out in our gallery and relive the infamous tattoo moment between Heather and Bret in the video below.According to Radar Online Taya is the latest in a list of celebrities to express their feeling and good will towards Bret.There is no ill will between these two ex-flames that is for sure.


Rock of Love Bus winner and one time girlfriend of Bret Michaels Taya Parker is speaking out about the current condition of the rocker she once loved.

You can find out all about Taya here which of course includes some hot pictures and an equally hot video.

If you look at her you can see why she is hot hot hot.

The brown haired beauty went on to be the January 2008 Penthouse cover girl.

Taya Parker won Bret Michaels heart on VH1’s Rock of Love Bus but she didn’t remain his girlfriend very long, which isn’t surprising considering most reality show romances don’t last more than like a second.However that isn’t stopping Taya from speaking out about the current condition of her former love Brett.


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