British women for dating

Pee off Mr H, its got nothing to do with Earl grey tea ohhhhhhhhhhh Mr H hahaha very funnyand yes I am serious pottygent I have friends in america I have spoke to on the phone(ffs how many am I gonna have edit this damn post, stupid forum 2 in 10 rules)I've heard you speak - I'd say you sounded more like Frank Spencer OP: I'm worried about you! why are you asking US in the UK why American men apparently love us so!! I can't tell you whath e said, becuase I just used to listen to his tone of voice and accent.. mind, if he'd have spoken Geordie instead, I'd have been just as enamoured! Maybe I could marry one of them and get a green card. On the down side, I had fifteen people ask me which part of Australia I was from!

:-/OP- is it because they are comprehensible in English?

they also all have coffee mornings and can morris dance.american birds don`t do thatvvv boo quite possibly..again i think you`ve just admitted you can morris dance Maybe the accent or the need to feel able to escape..women dream of getting away...

But If they are both happy then let them get on with it...

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I have a friend like that and I am his favourite girl but I'm too far away lol.


And i do like the american accent in real life, its not like it comes across on the tv or in films. a bit like york or the brecon beacons.lovely to look at and a nice place to be in.We have not yet managed to reach US levels of obesity, so they are less likely to turn into spandex-wearing, 300lb, loud, brash, harradians. There may still be some dumb enough to fall for a yank tho, happy hunting. Why do English girls/boys love Irish accents, French accents, why do French women like English men, blah,blah,blah Its cos their different and seem more exciting.Judging by the ones I met while I studied at Columbia, and subsequently in my work and frequent business trips to CA. Even though our day to day lives are pretty much all the same Because English women are seen to have 'class' by the Americans ........ And because some of us, talk in such a way, that they think we are posh!Its going to be hard as its long distance and there will have to be a lot of trust...

Personally I dont have a preference where my dream guy comes from LOL..long as he's all I dreamed of... My last partner was American, and had the most sexy voice I've ever heard... I've just got back from the States and even though I wasn't on the pull at all there, I got acosted in pubs six times in three weeks by women who began the conversation with the same line, something along the lines of 'I love your accent, I could listen to you all night'.

(They can try in the States - they just ain't got it!


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