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We’re looking forward to the boot-camp episodes and the developments sure to happen in them.We saw some footage of the contestants learning choreography (assisted by Mark Kanemura from !

Please let us know your thoughts by dropping us a comment here after listening either here!We love to hear feedback and what you thought of the show.), an unexpected development that could change the contestant landscape.There was also footage of several favorites breaking down, although we can never be sure if this is a red herring or foreshadowing by the show’s editors.

and thoughts on the host Steve Jones – What’s up with the eccentric mother/daughter pairs in every city? – Auditions that left an impression: Kim Terek, Skyelor Anderson, J Mark Inman, Josh Krajcik, 4Shore, Tia Tolliver, Brian Bradley, Ausem, Tora Woloshin, Brennin Hunt, Devon Talley, Jazzlyn Little – Other auditions: Brock and Makenna, Drew Ryniewicz, Phillip Lomax, Cari Fletcher, The Stereo Hogzz, Paige Elizabeth, Leroy Bell – The people to watch going into boot-camp – How will the judges be assigned to groups?


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