Bronx dating what is short term dating


If you would be interested in organizing and hosting speed dating events in the Bronx, please email us to tell us how you can help.

BRONX SINGLES *We have over 18,000 members in our family of 12 single groups and growing!

This Singles group is part of a family of 12 single groups totaling over 18000 eligible and attractive singles from a wide geographic area.

We gather at fun and exciting single events which allow us mix and mingle in a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure.

We hold events with other Singles group in order to gather as many Singles together in one place as possible and to give you a broader choice of single events.

And all of this while having the time of your life!

Currently we are not organizing speed dating events in the Bronx.

If you would like to meet 10 - 15 singles in one evening, we recommend you sign up for one of our upcoming speed dating events in Manhattan.

* Come join a singles group focused on friendships first.


We offer Dancing, Nightlife, Dinning, Wine Tasting's, Happy Hours, Cocktails & Conversations, Concerts, Plays, Movies, Boat Cruises, Dating, Professional Social Networking, Picnics, Beach Parties, Bowling, Billiards, and Brunches just to name a few!

The friendships that are formed here surpass the word "single." We hope you can join us and have some fun with us, 6 Sophisticated Singles This lovely production of Die Fledermaus by Strauss starring our own Laura Ann Heckmann. Learn more 2 Sophisticated Singles The Hustle is really happening at Westchester Ballroom!


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