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DP: In the production notes, Emily says you two to give her back “really good notes in re-working the script” and she “went through two months of intensive re-writes with their guidance.” What were your suggestions? The dialogue flowed, the core of it was there but it just needed a little bit of a polish.

The biggest thing was that after the two acts in Hong Kong there was also a third act set in Los Angeles.

It was just a whole other thing and we all fell in love with the idea that it all take place in Hong Kong, which meant extending the film by making the second act a little longer. She was super-collaborative but we don’t want to take any credit for the film you see. The skeletons are definitely there but our thinking was from a character perspective, because that’s how we read scripts.


“Ruby (Jamie Chung), a Chinese American toy designer from L.A., visits Hong Kong for the first time on business.


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    Therefore, the IAFPI cannot guarantee any information regarding the APA, its accreditation standards, currently accredited schools, etc. Consumers needing authoritative information should contact the APA directly.

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    We are going to warn you again – this time concerning the quality of people.

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    I have worked for clients such as Amnesty International, ICMM, BTG or Fidessa.

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    His most notable works include long-running and critically acclaimed graphic novel series Proof, which NPR named one of the best books of 2009, and the novels in the Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad: THE YARD, THE BLACK COUNTRY, THE DEVIL’S WORKSHOP, and THE HARVEST MAN.

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    And Darla, for that matter, is no longer the adorable girl we remember her as.

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