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When a member of the Council retires, the successor is voted into place by the existing Council members.

People who are prepared to invest the time required to configure and tune a Gentoo system can build very efficient desktops and servers.

Gentoo package management is designed to be modular, portable, easy to maintain, and flexible.

Gentoo describes itself as a meta-distribution because of its adaptability, in that the majority of users have configurations and sets of installed programs which are unique to themselves.

Gentoo Linux was initially created by Daniel Robbins as the Enoch Linux distribution.

The goal was to create a distribution without precompiled binaries that was tuned to the hardware and only included required programs.

Gentoo encourages users to build a Linux kernel tailored to their particular hardware.

It allows very fine control of which services are installed and running; also, memory usage can be reduced, compared to other distributions, by omitting unnecessary kernel features and services.


"Gentoo", coming from the fast-swimming gentoo penguin, was chosen to reflect the potential speed improvements of machine-specific optimization.Daniel Robbins and the other contributors experimented with a fork of GCC known as EGCS developed by Cygnus Solutions.At this point, "Enoch" was renamed "Gentoo" Linux (the Gentoo species is the fastest swimming penguin After problems with a bug on his own system, Robbins halted Gentoo development and switched to Free BSD for several months, later saying "I decided to add several Free BSD features to make our autobuild system (now called Portage) a true next-generation ports system." The Gentoo Council members are elected for a period of one year, each year by the active Gentoo developers.) is a computer operating system based on Linux and built using the Portage package management system.


Unlike a binary software distribution, the source code is compiled locally according to the user's preferences and is often optimized for the specific type of well as for Linux enthusiasts, programmers, and system administrators.


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