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Between 19 it was a single-party communist state, but since then has been governed as a democratic republic.In 2007, it became a member state of the European Union, making it even easier to travel to and around the country.

The personnel authority of the Council is extended under the amending law to suggesting candidates to the President of Bulgaria for nominating the Prosecutor General and the heads of the two highest national courts, the Supreme Court of Cassation and the Supreme Administrative Tribunal. § 4.) Additionally, the Council is charged with the responsibility of proposing to the legislature the draft budget for the judiciary, initiating organizational changes within national judicial institutions, and managing property and other assets of judicial institutions. 30, 2015) On December 16, 2015, the National Assembly (legislature) of Bulgaria adopted a law amending several provisions of the Constitution concerning the organization of the national judiciary and the law enforcement community. The constitutional amendments will split the Council into two separate colleges, one overseeing judges and the other prosecutors and investigators; provide for the direct election of investigating magistrates, who were formerly appointed by the Council; and increase the powers of the Council’s Inspectorate, which inspects the activities of the country’s judicial bodies.(Law on Amending the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, DERZHAVEN VESNIK [OFFICIAL GAZETTE] 2015, No. 18, 2015), at 2, National Assembly website (in Bulgarian).) Implementing laws will be passed within three months, and required administrative changes will be made within one month after these amendments enter into force. arts.9 & 10.) The Law, whose adoption was recommended by the Council of Europe and the European Commission for Democracy through Law (the Venice Commission), changes the composition and authority of the Supreme Judicial Council. 17, 2015).) The Supreme Judicial Council is a permanent, acting body, which represents the judicial power of the nation and secures judicial independence, determines judicial personnel and the work organization of the judicial system, and manages judicial activities without interfering with the independence of its bodies. (Law on Amending the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, § 2.) Members of each college, other than the Prosecutor General, will be evenly appointed by the legislature and professional community and will have the power to appoint, promote, rotate, and dismiss judges, investigators, and prosecutors; appoint court administrators; conduct periodic evaluations of officials appointed by the Council; and resolve disciplinary issues.(.) A newly added provision to the Constitution obligates the Prosecutor General to report periodically to the National Assembly on the crime-fighting efforts and implementation of correctional policies in Bulgaria. § 1.) Proponents of the reform state that, when implemented, it will limit the influence of the Prosecutor General within the Supreme Judicial Council and increase transparency and judicial independence.

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