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Have 293 NAC 853.9250 SOA-1 All Talk Around 853.9375 SOA-2 All Talk Around 853.9500 SOA P1 L/E Talk Around 853.9625 SOA P2 L/E Talk Around 853.9750 SOA Fire 1 Fire Talk Around 853.9875 SOA Fire 2 Fire Talk Around 769.00625 7SOA01 769.01875 7SOA02 769.03125 7SOA03 769.04375 7SOA04 769.05625 7SOA05 769.06875 7SOA06 774.93125 7SOA07 774.94375 7SOA08 774.95625 7SOA09 774.96875 7SOA10 774.98125 7SOA11 774.99375 7SOA12 VHF Interop Overlay Freqs.

- 109 Sites 151.1375 156.7 PL 154.2950 156.7 PL 154.4525 156.7 PL 155.3400 156.7 PL 155.3700 156.7 PL 155.4750 156.7 PL 155.7525 156.7 PL 158.7375 156.7 PL 159.4725 156.7 PL Sites numbered 000 are temp. Defines the type of transmissions broadcast on this talkgroup.

Related VHF / UHF / Non Trunked 800mhz Frequencies: 151.0550 MNDOT Visiting Units 151.4450 Metro Tac L/E 154.2950 Statewide 155.3400 Statewide EMS 155.3700 MIMS 155.4750 MINSEF Statewide L/E 155.5050 State Patrol patch Visiting Units 155.8200 Hennepin Tac 3 Patch ??

159.3450 Metro Tac All 460.2750 Metro Emergency 851.0125 I-CALL R 851.5125 I-TAC1 R 852.0125 I-TAC2 R 852.5125 I-TAC3 R 853.0125 I-TAC4 R Hard Patch HCOMM 10378 All Scene of Action Freqs.

Nestled in the Gusev crater appears to be a round broken shell that could be ‘evidence of Mars having an ocean with living creatures’ seen in images from the Nasa Curiosity Rover.

This is the second sighting of a sea shell this week‘I found this shell back in 2012 in Gusev crater in a false color Nasa photo, but came across it again this week but in an all new photo I have never seen before,’ Martian researcher Scott C Waring shared on UFO Sightings Daily regarding the find in an image from Nasa's Curiosity rover.

‘The evidence of Mars having a ocean with living creatures grows.' The ‘shell’ is seen circled in an image from the red planet, as it lays among what appears to be rocks This is the second supposed sea shell on Mars, as Waring shared a claim of another ‘ancient sea shell’. This also explains the three different boats we have found last year.‘I do feel Nasa went overboard with their 2 billion dollar fishing equipment to catch this one, but its defiantly worth mounting on the wall. Lets see how Nasa gets off the hook with this one, shall we?


Published in the journal Science, the research estimates that, in total, what is now the planet’s arid northern plains would have contained at least 12.4 million cubic miles (20 million cubic kilometres) of water.‘Our study provides a solid estimate of how much water Mars once had, by determining how much water was lost to space,’ said Dr Geronimo Villanueva, first author of the paper and a scientist at Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

One fossilized fish in particular was spotted back in January by Waring in an image and despite criticizing the agency for overspending on their ‘fishing’ trip, he claims this is one ‘worth mounting on the wall.’ "The shell is round and the top of the shell was thinner so its been broken away, but the ouster rim still exists,’ explains Waring on his blog.



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