Call me maybe dating

In the song, the artist is clearly expressing interest in the guy but she isn't asking for his number. Those thoughts will enter a guys head as he tries to get his nerves up and make the first move.

In one line she even says ' I can hardly look right at you baby, but here's my number, so call me, maybe.' She is shy and she's giving away her number, saying 'call me.' The guy is supposed to pursue. In this age of texting and social media, you hardly even have to ask anyone out.

This line might cause you to roll your eyes, but the neat thing is it's actually clueing us in about an important part of girls, guys, relationships, and how it all works.

And then instead of calling them, you can 'poke' them on Facebook and hope they’ll call you.

We can not have seen a friend for years, and yet still know who they’re dating, whether they’ve put on weight, and what they’ve done that evening. Facebook, Twitter, email, text message – the world is genuinely a very small place these days.

In the long run, this will make more cowards than men. But apparently the way I worded it wasn't entirely clear.

My girlfriend feels very strongly about the guy pursuing. So again, in August I said, ' Will you go out with me? Even though she said yes, she insists we didn't start dating until September when I officially had 'the talk' with her dad. I'm grateful for her and her standards because she is constantly calling me to be a man.


We pray every night before bed and most nights she won't call me, no matter how late it gets. Not some phony, worldly view of manhood but the true form. She calls me to lay down my life, even if just in small ways for now, to ensure her sanctity. We live in a world where we know far more about other peoples’ lives than ever before.


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