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“At Microsoft Research in Cambridge, our open and unconstrained approach to research, coupled with the bold and inquisitive minds of our researchers and engineers, has seen our lab produce contributions to Microsoft’s most successful products and services, as well as key contributions to the academic community.

But, we have just scratched the surface of what technology can do for us.

Harden, Yujie He, Francesca Hopkins, Lifen Jiang, Charlie Koven, Robert B. Current projects include designing molecular circuits made of DNA,…

The Sensors and Devices Group invents and builds new interactive devices and experiences for users, leveraging recent developments across a broad range of technologies such as sensors, displays, wireless communications and device fabrication. The Programming Principles and Tools group devises formal techniques and models for understanding programs, programming abstractions and languages, and develops related implementation technology.

The systems and networking group is composed of approximately 20 researchers and post-docs.

Lawrence Zitnick, Devi Parikh, Lucy Vanderwende, Michel Galley, Margaret Mitchell, Marcus D' Souza, Jessica Burggraaff, Saskia Steinheimer, Peter Kontschieder, Cecily Morrison, Jonas Dorn, Samuel Rota Bulo, Prejass Tewarie, Kristina Miciunaite, Abigail Sellen, Antonio Criminisi, Frank Dahlke, Christian Kamm, Bernard Uitdehaag, Ludwig Kappos, Yiqi Luo, Anders Ahlstrom, Steven D. Batjes, Victor Brovkin, Nuno Carvalhais, Adrian Chappell, Philippe Ciais, Eric A. Alex Halderman, Nadia Heninger, Drew Springall, Emmanuel Thomé, Luke Valenta, Benjamin Vander Sloot, Eric Wustrow, Santiago Zanella-Beguelin, Paul Zimmermann, Our group is developing theory, methods and software for understanding and programming information processing in biological systems.

Davidson, Adien Finzi, Katerina Georgiou, Bertrand Guenet, Oleksandra Hararuk, Jennifer W. David Mc Guire, William Parton, Changhui Peng, James T. Our research currently focuses on three main areas: Molecular Programming, Synthetic Biology and Stem Cell Biology.

The freedom of enquiry enabled by Microsoft’s approach to basic and applied research, coupled with the diversity of researchers and engineers in the Cambridge lab – ranging from sociologists, mathematicians, computer scientists, biological scientists and interaction designers – has produced contributions to some of Microsoft’s most successful products and services.




Programming Principles and Tools is part of Microsoft Research Cambridge. The Machine Intelligence & Perception group comprises world-class scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries.

We share a dream of a brighter future: a future where machines understand and interact naturally with people, where computers enhance human creativity, where intelligent systems navigate…


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