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Jailed: Shanay's aunt, Kay-Ann Morris, 24, left, and grandmother Juanila Smikle, 54, right, were today sentenced to eight years and four years in jail, respectively, after being found guilty of cruelty Tragic: Shanay, right, suffered punishments at the hands of her aunt, Kay-Ann Morris, left, and grandmother.Morris was sentenced to eight years in prison after being found guilty of cruelty at Nottingham Crown Court You tried to break her like a wild horse - by punishing severely every time you perceived her to be misbehaving.They have had to listen to an enormous volume of evidence, some of it complex, some of it upsetting and I respect entirely the verdict they have returned.'I am disappointed for the family because ordinarily the end of proceedings like this generally represents closure for them and this helps enormously with the grieving process. A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police added: 'A Serious Case Review (SCR) has been commenced by the Local Safeguarding Children Board to examine the interaction between the agencies involved in this case.TRAVIS PASTRANA Rally Cross racer It's a very fine line between brave and stupid -- and I've crossed it a lot. This year I just broke my tibia, fibula, a few concussions, dislocated ankle and two broken ribs -- so that's a pretty good year!My uncle, Alan Pastrana, was a quarterback for the Denver Broncos back in the late '60s.


But the success of what I do is being willing to understand risk. It's kind of a group that's aware of what our abilities are. My father told me I couldn't get a motorcycle until I could ride a bicycle down the stairs. A couple crashes later I went down, and he's just like, "Oh jeez, now I have to get my kid a dirt bike." I come from a crazy family.

I had two uncles who were boxers, my granddad was a Golden Gloves boxer.

But she refused to be broken; when you beat her, she stood up to you.

And you could not bear that she refused to be cowed He said: 'It is perfectly clear to me that the jury could not be sure that it was you who directly caused the head injury from which Shanay died; that it may possibly have been caused in some other way.


Jurors were told the schoolgirl faced a range of disciplines including being placed in the bath and having water thrown over her, being forced to stand on a landing for 20 minutes, and having the palms of her outstretched hands struck with a hairbrush.Others told how Shanay was 'hysterical' at times, had 'lost her sparkle' after moving in with 'stern looking' Morris, and went from being a 'bubbly' child when her aunt wasn't around to 'introverted and anxious' when she was nearby.


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    ‘They hit it off instantly.’ And the pair – who’ve both been crowned winners of talent shows – are determined not to let their super-hectic schedules stand in the way of their relationship.

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    All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re ready to go.

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    It’s possible, according to Guerilla Science, a London- and New York-based company working to “revolutionize how audiences experience science.”Guerilla Science creates events and installations for its partners, collaborating on each one with practicing scientists in order to connect with people in new, inspiring ways.

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