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    They offer dining out, potlucks, hiking, happy hours and more.

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    Oh, and I can hardly call it “The TRUTH about being a transsexual” when I can't talk for Transmen, can I? Someone who is transsexual is someone who feels they are the opposite gender to that which they appeared to be at birth. Transsexualism isn't a modern phenomenon, yes from the point of view of surgery it's new - the first recorded (proper) gender reassignment surgery was in the 1930's on Lili Elbe - but even before then many cultures throught history recognised the existance of transgender peoples - the Native American Two-Spirits, the Indian Hiijra, Kathoey in Thailand. The only cure for being a transsexual person is to accept it, it's that simple.

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    We didn't want to just bring somebody in for a few weeks and then drop them.

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