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This year, she’ll be leading a new-to-Boot Camp class called Stripp’d: Cardio-Core Workout in our outdoor fitness tent, but she’ll See, Christina’s a bit of a rock-star expert when it comes to all things body movement — particularly as it relates to a not-talked-about-enough part of your body called the pelvic floor.So we invited her to share her Yoda-like knowledge on this particular bit of anatomy which, as she says, is the “dark secret of the core.” Intrigued? Christina is giving us a taste of what’s to come in the Q&A below, but be sure to check her out at Boot Camp, too, for her chat, “Power to the P: Why Your Pelvic Floor Is the Secret to a Stronger Core and Better Sex.” You will not be disappointed.The pelvic floor dictates the strength and trajectory of all our movements, and by contracting the pelvic floor and connecting it with breath, you can harness the untapped potential of the inside of your body to move the outside of your body. Men have pelvic floors just like women, though they are different in shape.In women, the muscles of the pelvic floor support the function of the vagina, bladder, uterus and rectum. Why is it important to strengthen the pelvic floor?And in both men and women, strengthening the pelvic floor and learning how to engage its muscles can intensify sexual pleasure.It’s important to understand how and why our pelvic floors work.For women, you can learn how to relax cramping, and better utilize the vaginal canal and muscles.


I mean, it’s almost May, for goodness’ sake, which means we’re just over a month out from the fifth annual Be Well Philly Boot Camp, our massive day of fitness and wellness just for women.

It’s a day of positivity, empowerment and motivation, and a celebration of all-around female badassery, with amped-up fitness classes, inspiring speakers, top local chefs and lots more. Over the next month, we’ll be previewing some of what’s in store for this year’s Be Well Philly Boot Camp participants.

First up, we chatted with Christina Stoltz, owner of the Pilates-based Northern Liberties fitness studio, Ploome.

We’re huge fans of Christina around these parts, and if you’ve been to Boot Camp before, you probably remember her oh-so-fabulous outdoor fitness classes.

First things first: What the heck is the pelvic floor? It’s the root of all movement and activity in the body.

The pelvic floor is a complex myriad of muscles, ligaments, tissue and bone — the bone is called the pelvic girdle — right in the center of the body.


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