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However, this is not the only law for foreigners willing to marry a Cambodian woman.

Foreigners, with the income less than 2 580 $ per month cannot marry Cambodian women as it is prohibited by another law.

However, this restriction works for the marriages on the territory of Cambodia only; if your wedding takes place in another country this restriction will not work for you.

Whenever I tell someone that my girlfriend is Thai, I look into a confused and irritated face.

This slightly shocked facial expression is usually accompanied by the following words: “oh, okay.” The reason why people tend to react a bit strange when you tell them that your girlfriend was born and raised in The Land of Smiles is pretty simple.

You need to know that the foreigners over 50 years old are outlawed from marrying Cambodian girls.

This rule was designed to prevent fake marriages and stop human trafficking.


So, choosing a Cambodian bride you need to make sure you do this on a legal basis. In addition to a Free profile, members can participate in Groups, post photos and send Smiles for Free. I met a nice Cambodian woman here and we've been dating for quite a while now.


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