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This may include more direct discussions, experiential activities, HMR or hypnotherapy.

I offer respect, support, openness, and a safe environment to "unload" your burdens.

It is my hope that these attributes, along with the comfort and companionship of the animal staff members, help you to develop a feeling of trust & safety.

Whether you have been in counseling before or this is your first time, it makes it easier when you know what to expect.Regardless of the type of counseling or therapy offered, the relationship between the client and the therapist is crucial.During this time we get to know one another through talking or educational/informational session.Some people come in with very specific problems or requests that allow us to start addressing the issues immediately.

The first part of any counseling/therapeutic relationship involves the development of trust and safety.Depending on your previous experiences with the human race, this could be established in the first few sessions or it may take months or more to establish.


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    God is transforming the Christian male toward the attitudes, actions and affections that mirror Christ's.

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