Cameras live adult

Top Colorado weather is one of the most variable in the country.

Please note: due to the remote locations of some of the weather station cameras and technical difficulties this can present, the images depicted may not be current.

Although the vast majority of the time the images are updated every five to ten minutes, please ensure you check the date and time that the image was taken in the top right of the photograph before making any decision about your journey.

The cameras are also available to view on an interactive map.

Tip: zoom in on the map and click on a snowflake icon to view the weather camera.


If you dial *CSP on your cell phone you will be connected with the CSP office closest to you.This system was set up by the state to allow citizens to alert authorities to aggressive drivers and drunk drivers and can be used to report stalls and accidents.Some weather stations have cameras on them so you can see what live road conditions are like across the county.The images are updated every five to ten minutes and this page will automatically refresh every five minutes. Over time we will add further cameras to improve coverage of the county.


Dispatchers say that quite often callers do not know exactly (or even remotely) where they are calling from.Because of that it is recommended that travelers keep track of where they are by monitoring a state map and keeping track of mile markers.


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