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We ban as many as we can catch and for the most part it has become a very sweet visiting place for people who enjoy the social atmosphere of a chatroom while watching cute cats and/or kittens. just a black screen) it could be technical issues on my end, or on Camstsreams, it could be a missing plugin for your browser, or I might just have the camera turned off.For those who want the “chatroom experience” use the Kitty Cam link in the links listing to the right. Camstreams has a support area that discusses what you need in order to see the live cams, so check that, otherwise, just come back and tray again another time.This camera was made possible by Ventana Wildlife Society (VWS), Oakland Zoo, Fed Ex and HDon Tap and is the ultimate tool to see through the eyes of the very people who are trying to save endangered condors in the wild. Report Condor Sightings You can help with our research by reporting condor sightings.

The change in weather and lack of sunlight in November cut back the viewing window, but we did get to see her grow to full size.

We are happy to report that Princess successfully fledged on 11/20/2015.

Thank you for tuning in to nest cam this year, be sure to check back in Spring 2016 for another nest season. The California wild population is still at only approximately 140 birds. For condor cam notifications by email, please click here.

Welcome viewers- You are watching Ventana Wildlife Society's Condor Webcam, the first webcam to stream live nest cam video of wild condors!

The Mythicbells Nursery is on live streaming web cam most of the time.

The kittens are a lot of fun to watch as they mature, open their eyes, squirm, toddle, and eventually run so fast that the Cam cannot keep up with them.


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